Hi my name is denise and i live in …

Hi my name is denise and i live in …
Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Hi, My name is Denise and I live in Basingstoke with my boyfriend Mike. About 5 months ago, a friend of mine announced that she had got a working Visa for Australia and was handing in her notice at work to jet off into the sun…the way she spoke about it made me think about doing the same. At first, Mike wasn’t too keen on the idea, but as he started getting fed up with the lousy british weather, we both decided that we would apply for a visa and see what happens. We got our visas within about 2 weeks and were really surprised. I started enquiring about flights and prices and destinations on the way. The cheapest round-the-world tickets were about £800ish and return tickets to Oz were around £500. So when I found a ticket for just £344 to fly from Heathrow to Dubai to Calcutta to Singapore, and then Bali to Brunei to Brisbane – I had to grab this bargain. For anyone that’s interested – you can get this ticket from most travel agents but you have to ask for it. Its classed as a one-way ticket from London to Brisbane and its by Royal Brunei Airways. You can stay at any of the stops I’ve mentioned for as long or short as you like and there are a few other stops available. The flights don’t serve alcohol but at that price – who cares! So it’s booked to leave on 1st November 2001, and it gets to Brisbane at the end of March 2002. Now all I have to do is quit my job, save some money, sell my car, get my vaccinations, buy a backpack, rent our house, pack the rest of our stuff, store it somewhere, get insurance, sort out my bank accounts…..the list is endless, but I’m really looking forward to it!


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