Hi everyone well we got here safely the …

Hi everyone well we got here safely the …
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Hi everyone, Well we got here safely. The plane landed around midnight local time and by the time we got to our hotel and checked in, it was around 2am (only 10pm British time, so we weren’t too tired). On the way out of the airport, we were met by our hotel rep, who got us in a taxi. When we were loading up the taxi, we forgot Mike’s hat, what a good start to our trip… Also, as no-one was speaking too much English, it was a bit worrying as we didn’t know if they were gonna take us to the right place etc and there were times that we didn’t know what was going on. But we were glad when we made it to our hotel room in one piece, minus the hat. On Friday, we had a look round in the morning…everywhere it was quiet, most shops were closed. Friday is a holiday here. So we couldn’t do much. We worked out the bus system around us, to find that everything only started moving again at 3pm. So in the afternoon we jumped on a bus to Wild Wadi water park, an hours journey away. The water park had slides that were continuous, you didn’t have to walk up any steps…you just got into an inflatable ring and jets of water pushed you up the slides. Me and Mike went together and separately. After one ride, there would be a junction, and you choose which ride to go on next, and a person just pushed your ring onto it, so no getting up between rides. Everything was really clean as well, I definately recommend going there. We spent Friday evening shopping in the Electronic and Gold Souks. There’s neon lights everywhere and all the shops are open till 11pm. We were after a camcorder and shopped around for prices. This morning (Saturday) we bought one – a Sony Hi8 camcorder. The instructions aren’t in English, so I’ll have to try and translate the Spanish instructions. Overall, we were feeling a little homesick when we got here on the Thursday night. At one point we were really doubting whether we’d be able to manage. It’s gonna be very hard, and we’re only just starting to realise what we’ve let ourself in for… This afternoon, we are planning to go on a dessert safari – sand duning in a four wheel drive, a camel ride, bbq and entertainment (Belly dancer). We fly to India tonight…


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