We’ve just had the most fantastic evening …

We've just had the most fantastic evening …
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

We’ve just had the most fantastic evening. We jumped into a four wheel drive and headed out to the dessert. The driver let down his tires a little and we headed off over the sand. It was a little bumpy at first, a bit like driving down a dirt track. But as we got further and further into the dessert, the bumps turned into dunes and these were MASSIVE. Driving over sand dunes is definately an experience you wanna try at least once in your life. It was so scary going over all these steep slopes, when you got to the top of one, you could hardly see where you were going next as the drops were so steep. Every time we drove down, we had to pick up enough momentum to make it to the top of the next. There were times when the tires couldn’t grip the sand enough and we just rolled backwards – SCARY!!! The best bits were when we were driving at an angle along the ridges of a slope. It felt as if we were almost about to topple over, its amazing that these four wheel drives didn’t turn over. We were skidding and sliding and it was better than any rollercoaster. We stopped for photos a few times and watched the sun setting over the dessert. It’s a breathtaking view, standing on the top of a high sand dune, with nothing but sand around you for as far as you can see, and a red sun dissappearing over the horizon. When it got dark, we headed for a campsite, where we had a camel ride, ate a delicious BBQ meal and watched belly dancers. We also tried smoking something that the locals call hubba bubba or bubbly. It’s flavoured and smoked out of a huge bong, filtered through water with a hose to inhale. Mike tried strawberry and apple. Me being a non-smoker didn’t really like it. Overall, one of the best days out ever, and I recommend it to anyone. It cost $65 but worth every penny.


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