We arrived in india this morning on …

We arrived in india this morning on …
Calcutta, India

Calcutta, India

We arrived in India this morning on schedule at 8.30 am. We’ve had hardly any sleep all night and wanted to book a ticket to Darjeeling for tonight. And it took ages… We got a cab from the airport to the train station with no problems. Once we got to the station, we didn’t know where we were supposed to go to buy our ticket. We asked people and got sent from one place to another, to another. Finally when we queued in what we thought was the correct place, only to be told that that was a queue for finding out if the ticket is available, you can’t actually buy it there….So we joined another queue. Got to the front of the queue a good hour later, at exactly 12.30. Just to be told that they close for lunch and will be open again at 1pm. We didn’t want to loose our place so stood there waiting. And when we were served, we were told the ticket was gone!! We eventually got a bus ticket…so we’re on our way tonight…


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