Well – what a journey we thought our bus …

Well – what a journey we thought our bus …
Darjeeling, India

Darjeeling, India

Well – what a journey… We thought our bus ride to Siliguri and Darjeeling would be in a ‘Deluxe coach’ – that’s what the ticket said. The bus was old, there was no AC, bits of metal from the seats made an awful loud banging noise all night, the road was really bumpy and we were sitting right above the wheels. Got absolutely no sleep all night. And instead of taking 12 hours, it took 16…so we missed the toy train to Darjeeling. After waiting around in bus queues for a couple of hours and getting no luck, we spoke to other backpackers and tried to hire a jeep to take us instead. We went through the usual rigma of waiting around (everything seems to take forever here) and eventually got to Darjeeling. Well I knew I was unfit, but these slopes really killed me on the way to finding our hotel…don’t know how I’m gonna manage a trek. We’ve got a room with a hole in the ground for the toilet and a bucket for our bath. Had a nice meal today – feels like I haven’t eaten for ages, I think I’m loosing weight!!! Won’t be long before we’re both sticks.


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