We’ve been in darjeeling for two days now …

We've been in darjeeling for two days now …
Darjeeling, India

Darjeeling, India

We’ve been in Darjeeling for two days now and I’ve learnt that I am really unfit. Walking around this area is so tiring when your going uphill. We planned to do a little trek to see if we could manage it but we’ve given up before we even started! There is just no way I can do 6 hours of walking around here – let alone 3 days… We’ve done most of the other things we wanted to do though. We went on the Ropebridge. It’s a cable car that leaves Darjeeling and heads into the valleys 5 km away. You can see the Darjeeling Tea leaves being grown all around as far as you can see and the view is amazing. This morning we took a jeep at 4am to Tiger Hill to watch the sunrise. It was so beautiful to watch the sun rising and it lit up the tops of mountains. We got some excellent views of Kanchenjunga – the 3rd highest in the world. It had no mist around it so you could see it so clearly…all the snow at the top… I got some photos, and I hope they come out well. Everest was out in the distance and had too much haze around, so I didn’t get a look at that…but the whole view was just amazing. I’ve managed to catch a really awful cold by washing my hair and not having anything to dry it with. Since it’s quite cold up here, our clothes have taken 2 days to dry, a bit of a pain. I’m quite looking forward to getting out of here and back into the heat again. Booking trains to get out of here has been a nightmare – I don’t know if it’s always like this or just because its nearly Divali. There are no spaces until next week, so tomorrow we’re gonna see if we can take buses instead.


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