Now we’ve seen one of the wonders of the …

Now we've seen one of the wonders of the …
Agra, India

Agra, India

Now we’ve seen one of the wonders of the world…The Taj Mahal looks lovely as you approach it. We filmed it with our camcorder for a few minutes and then got stopped by security. You’re only allowed to film it from a single spot – and you have to pay for the privelage. So our camcorder got locked away and was given back as we left. When you look at the Taj Mahal close up, you can see how the pollution has worn away at all the marble…there’s lots of bits flaking off and lots of cracks. They’ve monitoring the pollution recently – it’s still about three times above the maximum permitted level. One thing that really ****** me off was the entrance fee to get into the Taj…it’s 20 Rupees for Indians and 750 Rupees for tourists…We tried to say I was Indian but they wanted to see an Indian passport. 750 Rupees is about 11 quid so its not alot, but it’s the principal… We went to an interesting resturant called Zorba the Budda – it’s worth a visit if you’re ever here. Tonight we’re going on our longest train journey so far – its 36 hours to Bangalore. We’ll get there on Wednesday morning.


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