The 36 hour train journey to bangalore …

The 36 hour train journey to bangalore …
Bangalore, India

Bangalore, India

The 36 hour train journey to Bangalore wasn’t as bad as we’d expected. The first night on the train was really cold. I was freezing and shivering. The first day was spent looking out of the window and playing cards or doing crossword puzzles. The second night was not so cold and it seemed to go faster from then on. We’ve been in South India for over a week now. Bangalore is a good place to stay because it’s really modern compared to the rest of India. Found some bars and pubs – Mike had his first beer in a while – a Kingfisher. I had a malibu and pineapple – Yum! Also Bangalore is good for transport. You can get to other places easily by bus or train. We spent two days in Bangalore with my cousin and then went to Mysore for two days to see more family. Right now we’re in Tanjore staying with my dad’s cousin. We’ve got a few aunts and uncles to visit here before heading back to Bangalore. We were in Trichy yesterday a ceremony dedicated to my grandma. It has been one year since she died. Lots of my family were there and it was nice to see them all.


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