We reached goa yesterday after a 14 hour …

We reached goa yesterday after a 14 hour …
Goa, India

Goa, India

We reached Goa yesterday after a 14 hour bus journey from Bangalore. The journey wouldn’t have been too bad if I hadn’t desperately needed a pee. But there were no toilet stops unless you wanted to go on the side of the road in front of everyone – not so bad if your a bloke. Goa is hot, about 32 degrees and just too hot if you want to walk anywhere. Right now it should be in the height of the peak season, but most hotels are half empty. The locals say that they’ve felt the recession hitting them badly. Usually, they have bookings through till Christmas. Good for us since hotel rates are lower, but there’s not much going on. Last night we hardly saw anyone having dinner at the local restaurants. We are staying in North Goa, in Baga. It has mostly western tourists. If you walk to Calangute, which is about 20 minutes walk away, its much busier, and full of indian tourists. The beach is nothing spectacular, I was expecting Goa to be much nicer. We’ll be hiring a moped tomorrow. Maybe we’ll see some nicer beaches…


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