The end of india! this is the last entry …

The end of india! this is the last entry …
Calcutta, India

Calcutta, India

The END of INDIA! This is the last entry for India. In 13 hours, we’ll be in a taxi going back to the airport and then we’ll be outta here! And we’ll both be really happy about that! Since New Year, time has really dragged on and we’ve been looking forward to our next destination – Singapore. The first eight weeks went really fast and we were enjoying it loads, but this last week has been spent in DIRT – and we’re just fed up with being dirty all the time… Overall, India has been nice, and I will really miss seeing my relatives, and eating all the nice food, like Indian sweets, coconuts, etc, but I am feeling really homesick now. There are so many things that I’m fed up of….like blowing loads of black stuff out of my nose…fed up of eating Indian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner…fed up of seeing dirt everywhere I look…fed up of having bucket baths with water that doesn’t look clean…I could go on forever, but I know that it’s just because I’m in a really pessimistic mood right now. And the reason might be something to do with the 32 hour train journey that we’ve just had from Chennai to Calcutta. We got on the train on Thursday night and we reached Calcutta this morning (Saturday) – and we didn’t even have a seat. The tickets for the train had actually sold out in mid November, so our names were 167th and 168th on a waiting list since then. We were sure that people would cancel and two hours before departure, we were still in 4th and 5th position on the waiting list. We explained to people that we had a plane to catch, but there was no-one there to help us – so we just boarded the train and hoped that we wouldn’t get caught. If we were to get caught, we’d have to pay a 30 quid bribe to get the inspector to let us stay on board the train. The inspector passed us 4 times but never asked to see our ticket – we were lucky! Also, a nice family squashed up and let us use one of their seats. It was ok during the day. We spent our time playing cards and talking to the family next to us. But at night, it was really cold, and we had a space that was the size of a coffin to lie down in – both of us – and our two backpacks. To say that we were a bit uncomfortable is a massive understatement. Not only were we squeezed into a small space, we were also about eight feet off the ground. So if we were to move a bit too much, or if the train were to suddenly brake hard, we’d roll right off the seat and definately brake a few bones. And when we finally reached Calcutta, my white tee-shirt was a shade of blackish brown. At least I was getting dirty for the last time! We did a quick sum of all our train/bus journeys in India. It was: Calcutta to Siliguri to Darjeeling Darjeeling to Siliguri to Varanasi Varanasi to Agra Agra to Bangalore Bangalore to Mysore and back to Bangalore Bangalore to Trichy to Tanjore to Puddokottai and back to Bangalore Bangalore to Goa and back to Bangalore Bangalore to Chennai Chennai to Mysore and back to Chennai Chennai to Calcutta Total journey : 10,308 km / about 6500 miles; And the cost? : 40 quid each altogether – BARGAIN – and that’s the only good thing about the trains!


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