Singapore is unbelievable – it’s so clean …

Singapore is unbelievable – it's so clean …
Singapore, Singapore

Singapore, Singapore

Singapore is unbelievable – it’s so clean. There is no dirt on the grounds and people are cleaning things everywhere – not excessively but just enough to keep everything clean. The toilets everywhere are often checked and cleaned every half hour – someone signs a bit of paper on the door to show its been done. Its so nice being here. Luxurious compared to our last week in India! On the first day we just looked around. On Monday we went to a birdpark which was really good – you got to hand feed birds and hold hoops for hawks to fly through – etc, it was interactive so you didnt get bored. I carried a Malay Eagle Owl and Mike held a plate of food and Hawks and Eagles were swooping down to get the food. On Tuesday we went to a science museum which was really good. There was a whole section on Mathmagic and it was all about maths and science together – again it was interactive so you didnt just look around – you could play on things and try things out. There was an area on lightning and I sat in a cage and lightning struck my cage. The lightning was created with 4000 volts. In the shops there are a few real good bargains, like watches etc. We wanted to buy some but couldn’t cause we’d have to carry them around with us. On Tuesday evening we went to a night safari and you could watch nocturnal animals. We saw loads of bats! On Wednesday we did a walk up to the highest point on the island through a rainforest. Later we saw the biggest fountain in the world. Today we planned to go to Sentosa Island but as soon as we got up, it started raining heavily so we are going tomorrow instead. That is why we are on the internet indoors instead. It is the monsoon season at the moment. Everyday, it rains for about 5 to 10 minutes at a time and the streets are dry again within 20 minutes. This is the first day that it has rained heavily. Singapore is blowing our budget. It is not as expensive as London but much more expensive than India. Accomodation for one night would have lasted us six nights in India! We have not had much money to buy food. Along with all the walking we’ve been doing, I’m sure we are loosing some weight! Singapore reminds me of New York because of the skyscrapers and the wide roads, but it is better cause there are so many trees. Its so green everywhere and it’s the reason why the air smells so clean as well. The bus that took us from the airport to our hotel was a public bus with a TV in it. Instead of carrying money, you can buy things with a cashcard – it’s like a credit card with a chip – we’ve been using one for all the trains and buses, but you can use them to pay for food, drinks, stamps, petrol, books, car parking, shopping etc as well. I’d definately like to come here again someday, with more money and an empty suitcase!


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