Slapped in the eye by a monkey! today we …

Slapped in the eye by a monkey! today we …
Sentosa Island, Singapore

Sentosa Island, Singapore

Slapped in the eye by a monkey! Today, we spent the day at Sentosa Island in Singapore. We were watching the animal show. There were really cute monkeys that played basketball and all the usual stunts you see at these type of shows. At the end, the trainers allowed the audience to take photos. Mike got the camera ready and the monkey jumped onto my shoulders. Then it suddenly started attacking me – whacked me in the eye and pulled my hair. Ouch!!! My eye was watering for a bit. Mike missed the moment so it didn’t get recorded on film… The whole of Sentosa Island is an amusement park with a variety of things to do. We were on a budget so we could only do the cheap things, like ride the monorail, visit the beaches and museums, watch all the animal/bird shows (I didn’t get near any other animals!), walk through rainforest etc. It was a nice day out and I’d love to go back with a bit more money and visit the Underwater World and Volcano Land, and all the other rides there. In the middle of the island was a massive musical water fountain, and just as it got dark, there was a show with lasers and lights. It was the best I’ve ever seen. Instead of just flashing lights everywhere, the lasers drew pictures that looked really realistic and told a story. I definately recommend going to Sentosa, even if it’s just for the musical laser show.


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