The thing i’ll remember most about this …

The thing i'll remember most about this …
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The thing I’ll remember most about this city is the amount of bites I got. Right now I couldn’t even count them cos there’s so many. The buggers have bitten me between each finger several times – my little finger looks like a balloon, I can’t get my rings on anymore and they are really itchy. I’ve got bites all the way up my arms, on my shoulders, behind my neck, behind my ears and even on my face. It’s so bad that I look as if I’ve got a black eye. I don’t even know what’s bitten me, because I haven’t seen any mosquitos, and they haven’t even touched Mike. But I reckon it was bed bugs as they all happened during the night and I spotted a few tiny creatures on my bed, along with a torn bit of mattress. Apart from my bites, we’re still having a good time. It’s been cloudy and rained a bit last night but it’s also really hot and humid. We’ve averaged three showers a day but as soon as you get outside you’re all wet with sweat again… One of the highlights was a burger we bought from a street vendor – the best we’ve ever had, ever. Filled with egg, meat and the usual salad stuff – we’ve had it for dinner twice in a row now and might have it again tonight! Kuala Lumpur is a nice city, fairly clean with good roads and transport, and lots of skyscrapers. We went up the telecom tower, which is the 4th highest in the world. The Petronas twin towers are here too – they were once the tallest in the world, but you can’t go all the way to the top so we didn’t bother with it. Today we walked through some parks and witnessed the shooting of a Telegu (Indian) film. There was an actor and actress who were learning a dance sequence. Further down, there was a skateboard/rollerblade contest going on that we watched for a while. We went to a market that sold terapins and fish, as well as live chickens that got the chop once bought – the stench was awful and made me feel like becoming a veggie! This place would be great if we had a spare suitcase that could be sent home – there is tons of stuff worth buying, and it’s all so cheap. We’re getting the night bus to Thailand tonight. I just hope they drive safely (not like in India!)


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