We left kuala lumpur on an overnight bus …

We left kuala lumpur on an overnight bus …
Krabi, Thailand

Krabi, Thailand

We left Kuala Lumpur on an overnight bus heading for Thailand. By morning, we’d crossed the border. Mike had decided that Krabi should be our first destination, so we jumped onto another bus. It drove around for an hour waiting for more passengers. In the end, there was just the two of us and a Thai. We reached Krabi by late afternoon. One of the first shops we saw while wandering around was a dive shop. A board outside advertised a two day trip to several locations including Phi Phi Island (where the film ‘The Beach’ was filmed). We went in to enquire. Half an hour later, we were searching the town centre for other dive shops to compare prices, but found nothing better. We booked ourselves onto the trip. We’d be spending a day learning to dive in a swimming pool followed by a two day/one night boat trip, including six dives. We were really excited and spent the rest of the evening reading the diving manuals we were given.


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