I’d just had the best ever tasting pork …

I'd just had the best ever tasting pork …
Phuket, Thailand

Phuket, Thailand

I’d just had the best ever tasting pork with fried rice and had been on the net, saying how Thai food was quite nice…three hours later, I was in pain with stomache cramps. This was the first time since leaving home that I’d had a bad belly as well as feeling sick and feverish. Around 2am, I woke up – either I was hallucinating or sleeptalking – Mike said I was doing strange things that I have no recollection of. I slept the entire day and night, only getting up to go to the loo, about every 30 minutes. I tried to drink plenty, to avoid de-hydrating, but everytime I put something in my mouth, I felt like puking up. My body ached all over, I could hardly walk and the room was spinning. By day two, I was feeling worse. We went to hospital. They did blood and stool tests, said I had become anaemic put me on an IV drip. I’m scared of needles and was worried about catching diseases like Hepatitis, but I was so dehydrated that there was no other option. I saw them use a needle that was marked as sterile, in a sealed package. In the hospital, there were no separate rooms or cubicles. Just next to where I was, a two year old baby died from drowning on the beach. There were people who’d been in motorbike accidents. And I saw an operation on someones hand taking place. Not the most hygenic… I’ve got tons of medicines to take over the next few days and I’m gonna be extra careful with all the food from now on!


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