We left padang in sumatra and spent three …

We left padang in sumatra and spent three …
Surabaya, Indonesia

Surabaya, Indonesia

We left Padang in Sumatra and spent three days onboard a ship, going to Surabaya in Java. Travelling in Economy class we imagined that it wouldn’t be that good, but we never imagined how awful it would be. There were cockroaches everywhere, and the bathrooms and toilets were disgusting – overflowing onto the floor due to leaking pipes. We managed to wipe a flannel and a bit of soap over our faces, arms and legs, but after three days, we stunk and were dying for a shower. Last night we checked into a hotel with hot water showers, tv and aircon – sounds like a luxury – but it wasn’t really that nice, just expensive! Looking for somewhere to change money here has been a nightmare. They only accept American Express – luckily Mike had some US dollar AmEx cheques…but since the signature on his passport is 9 years old and signed with M J Hall, whilst his travellers cheques are signed with Michael J Hall, no-one will accept them!!! At the moment, he is still searching for a bank… Surabaya is a huge, modern city, full of wide roads, shopping malls, cinemas, karaoke bars, and young friendly people. If we could afford to stay longer, we probably would…but since most the hotels are expensive 3* and above, we are planning to head straight to Bali where hopefully, our money will stretch a bit further.


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