We made it out of bali!!! we actually …

We made it out of bali!!! we actually …
Brunei, Brunei

Brunei, Brunei

We made it out of Bali!!! We actually changed our flights and arranged to leave Bali a week earlier. The six night stay in Brunei has also been reduced to two nights – which means we fly to Australia tomorrow! I think we just got fed up of living out of a bag, and all the travelling. The last few weeks has felt like constant travelling, going on overnight buses, three day ships etc. Brunei is actually quite nice. The streets are wide and clean and there’s no crowds or traffic anywhere. We visited the Royal Regalia museum today and it is filled with some amazing things all about the King and the rest of the royal family. Got an idea of how rich he actually is! The shopping area is nice too, everything is tax-free, but it’s not as good as Singapore for buying things. There’s a massive theme park here, but it’s not open on Monday or Tuesdays…so we can’t go, as we fly out on Wednesday. We’ve had a problem with our camcorder…since everywhere has air-conditioning, as soon as you step outside, the lens fogs up…so we can’t film much. Also, I’ve caught a cold from all the a.c. Yesterday we went to Pizza Hut for our dinner and it really felt like a slap-up meal! The first time we felt full-up and content in what feels like ages!


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