We expected to arrive in brisbane at 2am …

We expected to arrive in brisbane at 2am …
Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, Australia

We expected to arrive in Brisbane at 2am and hang around in the airport till morning to get transport into the city. Luckily, there was one minibus that could take us to a hostel. Unluckily, the hostel only had single rooms left at a ridiculous $36 each. So we had our most expensive night in the last 5 months…and I wasn’t happy. The next morning we both managed to get jobs in the hostel. My job was to clean the kitchen and Mike was driving a minibus to pick up guests. We kept those jobs for just a day. By the following morning, I had found us both a new job, on a farm! The farm is an hour away from Brisbane, in a small town called Laidley. Our job is to sit on the back of a tractor popping seedlings down a tube for 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. Easy peasy, we should be able to save $3000 in three months. We’ve been rushing around, arranging bank accounts, tax file numbers, looking for suitable clothes and a sunhat (very important on a farm) and we’re about to get on our bus to Laidley. Bye bye Brisbane!


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