What an awful week firstly we’ve had an …

What an awful week firstly we've had an …
Laidley, Australia

Laidley, Australia

What an awful week. Firstly, we’ve had an average temperature of 35 degrees, which feels even higher because of the humidity. Secondly, we’ve had to spend half our week in a massive greenhouse, which was like working in a sauna with our clothes sticking to us and we generally smell like ****. Thirdly, we’ve been working with cocopeat, which is like compost and it’s dead boring. My job involved shovelling cocopeat into bags and Mike was stacking the bags up. Sounds easy??? Not when you’re doing it for 8 hours a day. In the greenhouse we were doing slightly more interesting things like connecting irrigation pipes, but the heat and humidity made it unbearable. We had to make sure we drank plenty to prevent dehydration, and we were going through 4 litres each by early afternoon. The good news is that we’re not needed next week, so no more of that! On Friday night, Mike went out for a drink with the others and in his usual style, he ended up dancing on the tables and falling over several times. I couldn’t go as I was working on Saturday… Today it is Easter Sunday and we’re going down the pub for a well deserved drink up, but we’ve just been told that we’re working tomorrow and have to be up at 4.30am. Bummer.


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