We gave tomato picking our best but there’s …

We gave tomato picking our best but there's …
Laidley, Australia

Laidley, Australia

We gave tomato picking our best but there’s just no way that we could carry on. In fact, I hope we never have to do farm work ever again. And from now on I will always appreciate all the fruit and veg I see in the supermarket. We’ve spent the week doing mostly tomato picking, with a day of cucumber picking (which is just as bad because you have to bend down to pick them off the ground every few seconds), and I’ve also experienced tomato grading. This is when you look at every tomato and decide whether it is good enough to get to the supermarket. All the not so good ones either get chucked in the bin or sent to a market. By the end of the day, I’d been twisting my body so much to chuck the tomatoes into the right pile, that I ended up with a sore neck that refused to move. It’s been a few days now, and I’ve had massages and hot rubs, but my neck won’t let me look to my right. That, and the fact that we’ve only saved $500 in three weeks here, made us decide to try our luck in Sydney instead. Tonight we get on a bus and reach Sydney tomorrow morning. The plan is to find some long term accomodation, then buy some smart office clothes, then look for a job.


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