An unforgettable day the three of us (mike …

An unforgettable day the three of us (mike …
Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia

Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia

An unforgettable day… The three of us, (Mike, Jagan and myself) had spent the night in a tent at Mission Beach. We were awake even before the 6.15am alarm went off. By 8am we were following the “Jump The Beach” van to their office….Why??? To jump out of an aeroplane at 14,000ft of course!!! Before we knew it, we had signed forms, got into our gear and were making our way to the airport – or rather – a narrow strip of bitumen. The plane was around 5 metres long, with a rectangle shaped hole at the back which was supposed to be the door. We got into it in reverse order to how we would be jumping out. Mike’s instructor sat on the floor behind the pilots chair at the front of the plane, facing backwards. Mike sat in between his legs. Another girl and her instructor squeezed in next to them. The space was wide enough for two people, just about. Then it was Jagan and lastly me, with our instructors. I was sat in between my instructors legs, right by the doorway. Altogether, nine people were crammed into this plane that had no space left for anyone else. As we took off and headed towards the beach, we flew over mountains, then saw islands of the Great Barrier Reef. The sea looked absolutely still, even from 7,000ft. Above that height, the view hardly changed, except for the clouds that were below us in the far distance. It was clear blue below us. After around 20 minutes, the altimeter showed 14,000ft. It was time to start getting into position. As I was right next to the doorway, all I did was get onto my knees, face outwards, get my goggles on and fold my arms. Harley, my instructor, said we’d go after the count of three. One, he pushes my head out of the plane for a split second and my heart jumps as wind rushes past my head. Two, he leans my head back so I’m looking upwards. SHIIIIITTTTTTTT!!! We’d already fallen out. In the first second, I’m vertical, feet first, looking up at the plane. And I can tell that we’re going fast as the plane looks far away already. Then there’s a few seconds where all I can see is blue sky everywhere I look, and I don’t know which way up I am. I scream but I can’t hear myself. The wind carries my voice away. We got into the typical skydive position after 4 or 5 seconds – face down, hands outstretched, legs wound around the instructors. He turned me round in cirles and sideways so I could get a good look at the view. But it didn’t really feel like I was falling, as the ground was still so far away that it didn’t appear to be geting nearer. And there was just blue sky either side of me so I couldn’t tell how fast I was going. All I felt was the wind. Tears started fogging up my vision and then the parachute went up. It all happened so quickly. I looked around for my brother and Mike. They were doing spirals in the distance. The instructor pulled on one side, the wind caught the chute and we started doing spirals too. And it was all over so quickly. I saw that Mike had already landed and Jagan was just about to land. As I got closer to the beach, I raised my legs high and straight, and we landed without even a little bump. I wanna do it again!!!


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