We have been in townsville for over a week …

We have been in townsville for over a week …
Townsville, Australia

Townsville, Australia

We have been in Townsville for over a week now, and it’s been getting a bit boring… The main reason for hanging around was to sort out our car. In order to get rego (which is a bit like road tax, and it was due this month), we’ve had to get a roadworthy certificate (which is a bit like an MOT). We spent a couple of days fixing things that we knew would fail and then took it in for its test. It failed on 8 things altogether, like welding a rust spot and changing shocks, and also a few not-so-major things. Since we’re heading into the outback, we got new tyres too, and altogether, its cost $700, which was a bit over our budget, but atleast it passed its test. However, Mike then decided to get a sore throat, followed by an inflamed throat which turns out to be a Tonsillier Obscess (which is like tonsilitus). So he’s on painkillers which make him very drowsy, as well as penicillin, and hopefully he’ll be better soon. We’re leaving Townsville tomorrow, and heading towards Ayers Rock, which will take a few days of driving. Hopefully the car will make it!


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