Wednesday the road to hughendon once over …

Wednesday the road to hughendon once over …
Charters Towers to Hughendon, Australia

Charters Towers to Hughendon, Australia

Wednesday… The road to Hughendon, once over the Great Dividing Range was flat and straight, our first view of nothing to the left, nothing to the right, and nothing infront except burnt yellow tufts of grass and a sprinking of shrubs. And by midday, with the sun burning my right arm as I drove, I got sleepy and very bored. Radio didn’t work out here. Mike was either asleep or reading, so I sang songs till I couldnt think of any more to sing. In front of me, I kept seeing a mirage. The road in the distance looked dark like there was a puddle of water. Getting closer, I could see that it was the same colour as the rest of the road. How does that happen??? (if you know then email me…) I made up a game to play. It was to guess how far away the next tree was. I could see it in the distance, like a dot. Guessing on 2km, I was surprised when my speedo read over 4km. I got good at judging distances whether they were trees, roadtrains or kangaroos in the road with their guts hanging out and birds cleaning them up. Hughendon is a dinosaur town. A skeleton of the Muttaburrasaurus was found nearby – one of the largest and most complete in Australia. We visited the display center housing a replica. On the way there, we had our first conversation with Aboriginis, sitting barefoot on the steps in front of a pub, rather dirty and smelly, telling us they like to party. They were sitting in the same spot later in the evening and it seemed like they had no home to go to.


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