The kings canyon walk started off as a …

The kings canyon walk started off as a …
Kings Canyon, Australia

Kings Canyon, Australia

The Kings Canyon walk started off as a steep incline of steps rising to over 100 metres. Once on the rim of the canyon, you could walk right to the edge, (not if your scared of heights though) and there were excellent views. The highlight of the day was when we got to the ‘Gardern of Eden’, a narrow gorge with the canyon walls soaring above us in all directions, water in the centre with a few birds that feed out of your hands, and lush foliage and palms. It was so peaceful. We thought of filming it and taking photos, but they just wouldn’t capture the beauty. Instead this is one place I hope to remember forever, and it is probably top of my list of nicest places on this trip. We spent over four hours at the canyon and we thought we’d be able to make it back to Alice Springs before dark if we took a 100km dirt road shortcut, cutting 160km off our journey. However, after doing 100 metres on the corrugated track, we turned around, as it was making everything in the car vibrate. Back on the highway, we were behind schedule, it was getting dark and we still had 125km to travel. For fear of hitting a kangaroo and damaging our radiator (or more) we pulled up at a rest site and slept in the car for the very first time. It was cold outside so we didn’t want to risk going into the boot to get food out for dinner, too dark to find fire wood, so at 7pm we reclined our front seats and stuck a blanket over us. In the middle of the night, I jumped into the backseat, which wasn’t that much more comfy, and froze the night away…


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