After 600kms of driving we crossed the …

After 600kms of driving we crossed the …
Kunnanarra, Australia

Kunnanarra, Australia

After 600kms of driving, we crossed the Northern Territory / Western Australia border and gained an hour and a half. The first thing we did was go on a ‘sunset’ cruise on Lake Argyle at the ridiculously early time of 3pm. As it turned out, we had a brilliant time. Lake Argyle is actually a man-made dam, I think the largest in the world. The boat could only take us part of the way out. As the lake is so huge, it looks almost like your on the sea, except for the calmness. And it was very blue in all directions. We saw a few wallaroos ( a cross between a kangaroo and a wallaby) and a few freshies (crocs) and learnt how the dam was built (very interesting). The best bit was going for a swim with a glass of champagne (we haven’t drunk for ages and there was tons of champagne and beer!) The sun set at about 5pm and by 5.30, we were back on land and it was dark.


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