We made it at last! the last 400kms was a …

We made it at last! the last 400kms was a …
Perth, Australia

Perth, Australia

We made it at last! The last 400kms was a doddle. We stopped at various small towns (with populations of 670! how can they be so exact!!!) and Mike did a spot of fishing from the piers of several fishing towns but got no luck. The traffic started to get heavier and soon we saw traffic lights again – the first signs of civilisation – horray! We were happy to see no DUST!!! As the day had gone on we had seen the scenery change from red dust, to sanddunes, to greenery and it even started to look like England!!! In Perth our first choice of hostel was fully booked and then the next few we tried were fully booked too, or else they had no car parking. We started to think we were going to have to head for a caravan park out of the city and sleep in a tent again – and we’d been so looking forward to a bed. Luckily we found one just before we gave up, and it was near enough to walk into the Friday nightlife. On first impressions, it was much busier than Sydney, more like as busy as Soho. There were nightclubs with thumping music, tons of bars, tons of people in restaurants, and things like laser quest and people playing computer games against each other in internet cafes. With not alot of money, we just walked around and soaked up the atmosphere, found a ‘Subway’ and got food with our buy-one-get-one-free tokens.


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