Leaving Australia

Leaving Australia
Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia

Well our time is finally up. Its our last day in Sydney and guess what – its been raining non-stop all day long. We had been hoping to do a few good things on our last days, like hire out surf boards and get a lesson, or visit Palm Beach where Home and Away is filmed, but unfortunately, the weather has not been on our side. All 4 days here have been spent roaming the streets getting organised for New Zealand. Its just as well that we saw all the sights back in May. Melbourne wasn’t that much better in terms of weather. It reminded me of England alot, clouds, rain and blue sky all on the same day. It is also like London in terms of architecture. Very Victorian looking buildings everywhere. They say that Melbourne is a great city to live in, I think it got rated as one of the best in the world by some survey, but we didn’t instantly like it. Transport is a bit confusing for the newcomer, there are trams everywhere and you don’t know which to get on, or where. But the people are friendly enough. We did a couple of trips around Melbourne which were very good…. these were ‘Penguin Island’ and the ‘Great Ocean Road’. Penguin Island Highlights: visiting a farm where they had hand-raised kangaroos, which you could touch and feed. I hadn’t realised before that they can get so huge, the largest ones were as tall as Mike! And the baby ones are very soft and cute! The little Penguins – they fish all day but every night, after sunset, they make their way to bed via a beach. In fact, some of the burrows are quite a distance from the beach up steep dunes. At first you see them coming on shore and waiting for each other (they don’t walk around on their own as there is a greater chance of being caught by prey). Then they waddle off together, taking breaks every now and then. You can walk along side them on a boardwalk, and it is gorgeous watching them close up. Nearby, you hear the babies in their burrows, crying out for their food, which is regurgitated by the parent! Great Ocean Road Highlights: Again, the weather wasn’t brilliant – windy, cold, rain – we may have had 10 mins of blue sky all day. But the views were good. The apostles looked just like they do in the photos, but our best views were of Loch Ard Gorge, Razorback and Island Arch. This is an area that has to be seen to be believed – amazing shaped rock, caves and secluded beaches. Saying goodbye to Perth was celebrated well. Luckily, I had managed to get an extra $1100 by claiming my tax back, so we weren’t on such a tight budget. Also we sold our car for $500 more than we’d bought it! We spent the last week eating at restaurants and take-aways, and on Saturday night we went clubbing till 7am – something I haven’t done in a long time! I didn’t feel too sad, cause I reckon I’ll be back in Perth again soon…


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