Decision Day!

Decision Day!
Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown, New Zealand

After a nice long lie-in, we spent the day sorting things out – like finding a car to hire, washing our clothes, and most importantly, deciding if we should do what Queenstown is most famous for – a BUNGY JUMP!!! But there were 3 choices: 1) The 43 m drop off the ‘Kawarau bridge’ was the first commercial bungy site in New Zealand. It is a 20 minute drive from Queenstown and over the clear, green waters of the Kawarau river. 2) The ‘Ledge’ is a jump over Queenstown. You can see the whole town from here. 3) The most scary and the most expensive, is the ‘Nevis’ at 134 m. Mike was pretty sure that he would and could do a jump – it was just a matter of choosing which one. From speaking to other people, it seemed that the action of forcing yourself to jump is really the hardest part, and so we decided on the cheapest option – ‘the ledge’ at $120. Half way through the day, we had a change of mind. I also decided I would try and do a jump, and if you’re only gonna do it once, you might as well do the scariest! And so it was decided. We paid our $175 each plus $54 for a video – and with no refund policy – tomorrows’ activities were being eagerly awaited by Mike, and fearfully awaited by me.


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