Dunedin, New Zealand

Dunedin, New Zealand

The local swimming pool seemed to have plenty of fun things to do- a wave machine, a rapid river, spa, slides etc. But what appealed to Mike the most was the diving boards – so we went to check them out. Surprisingly, there was a large selection of boards. Over one pool were diving boards at pool height, 2.5 metres and 5 metres. Having had enough of falling from heights, I didn’t venture past the 1 metre board, however Mike had plenty of turns. The 5 metre board was scary enough and Mike had to jump rather than dive from it, but as if that wasn’t enough, the second pool opened and this had a 7.5 metre and a 10 metre diving board. It took him a bit of time to build up the courage, and I thought he was mad, but he did them both. As scary as a bungy jump? Mikes verdict – ‘Almost’! Especially since he hit the water leaning forward a little bit, bruised his chin and got a huge red line down his side. In the evening, we visited ‘Speights Brewery’. Speights has been the ‘Pride of the South’ since 1876, and our 1.5 hr tour included interesting facts about the history of beer, a good look at the different processes, but best of all, plenty of tasting! We walked home feeling quite merry!


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