Mount Cook walk

Mount Cook walk
Mount Cook, New Zealand

Mount Cook, New Zealand

We left Lake Tekapo and headed for Mount Cook, (3754 metres), the highest in New Zealand. The Maori call it Aoraki, which means cloud piercer. Along the way, we stopped at a salmon farm, tried a bit of fishing in one of the rivers and passed the turquiose waters of Lake Pukaki. At Mount Cook, we walked the ‘Hooker Valley Lookout’ which passed via 2 swingbridges and ended at Lake Hooker – it was here that we saw our first ever iceburg. It was a long 4 hr walk, but well worth it to see close-up views of Mount Cook. The surrounding area (Mt. Cook National Park) is very scenic, with 30 peaks over 3000 metres and 5 of New Zealands largest glaciers. A third of the park lies permanently under snow and ice.


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