Puzzling world

Puzzling world
Wanaka, New Zealand

Wanaka, New Zealand

Puzzling world in Wanaka, is based on two separate attractions. We tried the maze first. The aim was to get to all 4 corners and then back out again. It isn’t that large, only about 50 metres square, but some sections have 2 floors, so you can look below and try to work out which way to go. The average person walks 4km over an hour trying to complete it, and we were no exception. Although we both found the corners after 30 mins, I took a further 30mins just to get out! It was great fun. A separate area has lots of interesting and fun things to look at and try….holograms that look at you and smile as you walk past them, plastic faces that turn to look at you whereever you walk, a room where you stand at one end and walk to the other end, and you look like your shrinking!, a sloping room where things roll uphill, and tons of puzzles to try. I could have spent the whole day there but we had to move on. We drove via the Haast Pass, which had the most amazing scenery along the way as it crossed over the Great Southern Divide. The road zig-zagged along the edge of a steep mountain top, then crossed a bridge with a river flowing far below. Also there were waterfalls and we stopped many times. Once on the West coast, our destination was Fox Glacier. It is a tiny village near the coast, and the glacier comes within 7 km of the coastline, which is very unusual. At 45 degrees south lattitude, it comes closer to sea level than any other temparate-region glacier in the world. There were many choices of trips to do – half and full day walks on the ice, heli-hiking (go to the tops of the glacier by helicopter), but we decided on an ice-climbing instruction trip. We would be learning how to climb the huge vertical walls of ice.


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