Sky diving and Hells Gate

Sky diving and Hells Gate
Lake Taupo, New Zealand

Lake Taupo, New Zealand

When we woke up, the sky was blue without a cloud and Lake Taupo looked very pretty. We took it as a sign…maybe it was the deciding factor – we had been unsure about doing a skydive. It was the cheapest place in New Zealand to do one, plus you could do it from 15,000 ft, (1000 ft higher than the one we did in Oz), plus it is the highest possible in a tandem, and oxygen assisted. We later found out you only need the oxygen if you are gonna be ‘hanging around up there’ – today there was no air traffic. This time around, we were more aware of the whole experience as we knew what to expect. I felt all these sensations that I must have forgotten about before, and it was definately 100 times better than the last time. Mikes landing was funny – they put their feet down too fast and Mike fell onto his knees, his instructor went rolling over him! (a woman, so Mike didn’t mind!) In the evening at Rotorua, we went to ‘Hells Gate’, where we walked around the different pools of bubbling mud. It is heated by boiling water and steam from underground, and recently, a boy scalded his ankles from walking on the mud when it gave way. Then the fun part – sitting nude in a private mud bath, getting the mud onto our faces and everywhere else! It was very hot and we could only stay for 20 minutes, but our skin felt lovely and soft afterwards. We spent the rest of the time in an outdoor, warm spa bath. It got dark, started to rain, and looked very surreal – sseing the stars and drops of rain fall into the water whilst we were cosy and warm.


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