Rafting and Hangi

Rafting and Hangi
Rotorua, New Zealand

Rotorua, New Zealand

Our rafting trip was on the Kaituna river, the longest river in New Zealand. The stretch was a very short one, only 45 minutes, the highlight being the 7m waterfall. There was just 4 of us in the raft – due to low water levels. There was a 50% chance the raft would flip as it dropped down the waterfall. It was over very quickly. We paddled hard towards it then held on tight. We didn’t flip, and at the bottom, saw what we had just rafted down. The Hangi was at Te Whakarewarewa. Part of it was a training facility for people of Maori descent, teaching things like traditional woodwork and weaving which were very beautifully crafted. We learnt alot about the culture and lifestyle, and then went for a tour of the thermal area where we saw our first ever geyser. The evening was finished with a Maori concert, with all the singing and dancing, and a delicious buffet meal.


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